DFC-102 are high speed,easy to use friction collators, with reliable feeding and accurate stacking. Working standalone or as part of a collating/booklet making system with the DBM-150 booklet maker,the DFC-102 offers a cost effective solution for finishing needs.

Key Features

The number of bins Process Speed
10 bins/tower 7,800 sets/h


Model/Type Collator DFC-102
Model Type Friction feed vertical collator
No. of bins 10bins
Paper Size MAX.A3SR (320 x 450 mm)
MIN.A5 (140 x 160 mm)
※100 mm width available by 100 MM KIT(option)
Paper Type Medium quality paper, Fine porous paper, Fine quality paper (52.3 to 128 gsm)
Paper feed bin capacity 28 mm(equivalent to Fine quality paper 64gsm, 350 sheets)
Maximum Process Speed 130 sets/min (A4 long edge feed)
75 sets/min(A4 short edge feed)
Paper Stack Straight, Offest
Paper Stack Capacity Max 80 mm (The height of full detection sensor is 65 mm)
Counter 4-digi counter (count up/count down)
Paper feed error detection Empty feed, double feed, paper jam
Other Functions Counting function, no paper detection, conveyance cover open/close detection, paper receiving table full, downstream unit error detection, paper set jam
Power Supply AC 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 1.2 – 0.8 A 120W
Dimensions 820(W)× 618(D)× 1,000(H)mm
Weight 65kg
Option DFC cabinet, 100 MM KIT, Delivery unit