Edikio: plastic tag printing solution

All-in-one professional solutions for printing buffet labels and price tags for stores, hotels, and restaurants.

Edikio: five all-in-one solutions for printing your own tags on plastic cards

Edikio offers two ranges of all-in-one solutions, Edikio Price Tag and Edikio Guest, so you can create and print attractive tags on your premises in a quick, efficient, and economical manner.

Specially designed to meet the needs of stores, hotels, and restaurants, Edikio’s professional solutions allow you to create practical, attractive, fully customizable price tags, buffet labels, and all types of cards on plastic in just a few clicks.

Each solution has a business software that comes in several editions to meet all requirements, from the simplest to the most complex. The Edikio Price Tag and Edikio Guest software allows you to customize your tags with your product information, your logo, and your font.

To make it easier to create and print your tags, every version comes with:

  • several hundred pre-designed and fully customizable tag layouts tailored to your business
  • a library of more than 400 images
  • an exclusive Edikio Chalk font
  • a feature for importing product information from your MS ExcelTM file directly to the card