DF 999

The DF-999 Automatic Paper Folder is the quietest tabletop folding machine in the industry.With a high speed of up to 260 sheets per minute, the DF-999 untilizes Duplo’s patented three-roller friction feed system to process a wide range of paper stocks and also comes equipped with Optical Double Feed Detection to ensure personalized documents are folded one sheet a time.Easy touse and built-in with sound absorbers for quiet operation,the DF-999 eliminates folding by hand and is perfect for any office environment.

Key Features

Paper Size Process Speed
A3~B6 260 sheets per minute


Model/Type Desktop-type DF-999
Regular paper size A3 to B6
Range of Paper Size Max.311×457.2mm
*With some exceptions
Paper Type Fine quality paper / Coated paper
Paper Weight 52.3 to 157g/m²
Paper Feed Capacity 500 sheets
*64g/m² Fine quality
Folding Mode Single fold, Double fold, Irregular accordion fold, Letter fold,Accordion fold, Gate fold, Specific cross fold, Other non-standard fold
Maximum Process Speed 260 sheets per minute
*81.4g/m², Fine quality, A4 single fold
Number of custom folding registration memories 30
Paper Feed method 3-ring friction feed
Paper feed tray movement Automatic up-down
Additional functions Separating pressure adjustment, Paper feed pressure adjustment, Folding speed adjustment, Test folding, Entire paper length input mode, Folding stopper fixing function, Refold mode function, Processing speed change function, Paper ejection interval (batch) function, Interval settings at the start-up time, Processing speed settings at the start-up time, Paper ejection function, Paper ejectin function inside the folding plate, Buzzer sound settings, Paper stacking detection switching function, Standard paper size detection switching function, LCD display energy-saving setting mode, Alarm function (alarm function for forgetting to turn the power off)
Error detection functions Paper stack detection, Paper jamming detection, Miss-feed detection, Paper size error, Double-feed detection, Paper size detection
Dimensions In use
1,046(W)×512(D)×494(H) mm
In storage
665(W)×512(D)×494(H) mm
Weight 43.0 kg (including accessories)
Options DF Ultrasonic Sensor KIT
DF Hand Feed KIT