Securio B22

Data security made easy! The powerful entry level model of the B-series for the workplace. With automatic start/stop and overload protection. The waste container with 33 litres of capacity can be easily removed and emptied.

The high quality materials and proven HSM “Made in Germany” quality guarantee you are receiving a safe and durable machine – and also 3 years warranty.


Order number: 1833121
EAN: 4026631047838
Field of application: office
Cutting type: particle cut
Cutting width: 3,9 mm
Particle length: 30 mm
Security level (DIN 66399): E-3|F-1|P-4|T-4
Cutting capacity in sheets 80g/m²: 9 – 11
Cutting speed: 90 mm/s
Throughput capacity paper: 28 kg/h


Power consumption: 440 W
Voltage / Frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz
Intake width: 240 mm
Container volume / collecting: 33 l
Noise level (idle operation): ca. 57 dB(A)
Width x Depth x Height: 375 x 310 x 600 mm
Weight: 12,515 kg
Colour: white
Shredder material: Paper, Staples and paper clips, Credit card